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The times of the infamous Berlin airlift and sky traffic at one of the world's most iconic airports are long gone. Decades ago this was the home-turf of American Airforce soldiers - which were stationed in West-Berlin back then - keeping their mind and bodies fit simply for the joy of sports. Like-minded troopers with a passion for diverse athletic disciplines suddenly united under the same name - the Berlin Braves. Those heroes from the past are today's well-respected veterans. In 2013 history repeats itself with a new generation of Braves' cadets. It's all about camaraderie, honouring the past, motivating each-other and performing at their peak. Earning wings and having fun doing it. Running suicide drills on a gym floor that's about to crack, overseen by a score-board that has been out of order for 22 years. Together they run this airport like it's their own hall of fame. This is the home of many generations of Braves.



PRODUCTION: Tom Gabrea / Positive Inc

DOP: Hendrik Thul

CUTTER: Hendrik Thul



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